Our “NEO TANGO” works with principles such as circularity, moving AROUND AND IN each other, a dance that grasps the space, with dynamics, a lively embrace, connecting, with elasticity too.
All of the above give the steps more depth, color, and significance, and within the focused form of tango, freedom within the embrace, an active and creative role for each of the dance partners, in that way, finding a new vocabulary that fits our contemporary world.

These principles are the core of all the projects and the teaching, starting from movement and the traditional tango, redefining that to a more contemporary version.

The NEO TANGO PROJECT will last during three weekends:
First edition:       20/NOV (passed)
Second edition:   18 /DEC 
Third edition:      12 & 13 /FEB

Neotango workshop @ Neo Night
Sat 18 /DEC

Ed. 2: on How to Co-Create Within the Couple

.. still using classical tango patterns

It is only when patterns are established, when tango codes are embraced, that they can function as our guidelines to improvise within and create even more and more freely in the dance. Like 2 musicians creating a playful dialogue within the standards of the music.

This workshop aims to give you the basis and the technique for co-creating (neo)tango within the couple, a tango where both leader and follower are actively participating, each from their own position in the dialogue. Doing so, we will find that more playful, contemporary, expressive and connected tango.



Astrid Maria Cerpentier & partner
Neo WS € 15 | Neo Combi ticket € 20 | SUN WS € 20

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19:30 NEOTANGO workshop
21:00 Saturday’s Neo Night with LIVE music

13:00-15:00 into TANGO workshop
Looking forward to meet you here in De Koffiefabriek!

Neotango workshops @ NTB
Sat-Sun 12-13/FEB 2022

Not to dance in FRONT of each other, but THROUGH each other, a principle we have worked with before in ‘Everything is a Giro’; to Embrace, moving into Embrace and the Circularity. When the word TO MELT INTO fits better than To cohere. 

The other is not our terminus – the goal is to share something of our dreams, beyond the other. It’s an intention that carries on, and on, via or with the other. This principle gives the beauty to simply walking and basic musicality, it leaves an impression and an expression, one that touches (“tango”) and therefor always different. It’s where the embrace gets its warmth, balance and support. And where more complex figures like sacadas, col- and volcadas, and ganchos, find their simplicity again.


Astrid Maria Cerpentier & Bennie Bartels
Neo WS € 20 | Neo WS seminar € 50

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SAT 12th FEB
14:00-15:30 NEOTANGO workshop
15:00 – 05:00 Neo Tangomarathon Bruges continues!

SUN 13th FEB
14:00-15:30 NEOTANGO workshop 1/2
16:00-17:30 NEOTANGO workshop 2/2
15:00 – 05:00 Neo Tangomarathon Bruges continues!


Astrid Maria Cerpentier & dance partner embody ‘playful, intense, with lots of expression’. It’s simply their style. Playful in movement technique, intense in connection and expressive in the dance.

Because for them is tango more than just a dance, and therefor they have their own, unique, open and powerful way to approach it. Always as a dialogue, always under investigation.. 

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VENUE in Antwerpen

De Koffiefabriek
Minderbroedersrui 49
2000 Antwerpen

More about the place, public transport and parking, you find  here

Neotango WS are MEANT FOR:

Tango dancers with Small to Medium to Very Advanced level. And everybody who wants to learn more Neotango tools, or a more expressive tango.

The (Neo)tango workshops are meant for couples: preferably subscribe with a dance partner.


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