De Koffiefabriek stands for a whole lot of dance, beautiful tango music, a great dancefloor and a welcoming atmosphere. Carefully we create the right ambiance: warm, open, focused on dance, music and experimentation. Intense and expressive. Open to everyone – whatever your level of experience – that typical ‘blend’ in all its diversity of dancers, music and DJs. Because we love tango in all its forms and styles, and all the music that comes with her.


It are difficult considerations to make every time when the measures of the governement change and we take them seriously, you can be sure of that. The question over and over again is whether within the circumstances in which we find ourselves, we can continue our activities in a meaningful way, simultaneously prudent and respectful. To facilitate what you need to continue having that social life, that movement of body and mind, that zest for life and sense of purpose that makes it worthwhile?
So far, we think we can. Given that you take care of yourself and of the group of people you join.

SPECIFICALLY in this context this implies a couple of things: 

1. If you feel sick, stay at home and come another time. – Even if you are in doubt.
2. If you suspect you’ve had a high-risk contact, at least do a self-test. – Also if in doubt.
3. Respect the social distance where possible and where necessary. Be courteous and understanding to one another.
4. Treat everyone in the Koffiefabriek with respect. Everybody enters my house, my salon, as a guest and I expect nothing less than that people behave like that.
5. RESERVE your spot if you want to come – with a confirmation by us,(, PM, WhatsApp, SMS, in person) since we will keep the number of participants limited.

Last but not least:

6. Bring an extra sweater. 🙂 It can get chilly here due to the excellent, natural ventilation with our windows and doors open. And that’s a good thing.

FRI 14 & 21/JAN

It is with a social and cozy atmosphere on and around our inviting dance floor, with the windows open, a winter garden and access to the outdoor terrace, that we put “a lovely time” and “a lovely tango” in one sentence.

DJ Wouter ‘Mi Cielo’ brings together an interesting flavor of  80% traditional, contemporary / 20% neo and non-tango  to get moving again in this beautiful place and/or to have drink at our bar with Astrid as your hostess.

 Practica at 21:00.

RESERVATION is a must, the number of participants is limited. (Up to “2 tables of 12”).

Neo Night 2021-11


Dates to be announced

We could also call it a ‘macchiato‘ – tasty, strong and a little out of the ordinary – since DJ Wouter ‘Mi Cielo’ will spoil you with max 20% traditional, contemporary tango and at least 80% neo and non-tango. With new neo music, as well as with classics from this genre, he will bring a thoughtful selection that may surprise you and will make you want to move. You will find your hostess, Astrid, behind the bar and on the dancefloor!

You can also subscribe for The Neotango workshop: principles & techniques we use (even more) for Neotango. Read more about this on our Workshop Specials pagina.

 Neo Practica from 21:00.

Your contribution:  6 | 8 | 10 (LIVE) euro.

More on the place & how to get there

De KF FRI met MiC


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There is no such thing as the best coffee. There is good coffee, of course, and also coffee that you – usually – like the best. But sometimes you feel like a different one. Something stronger. An espresso. Or with a flavour. Caramel, for example. Or a Latte.

This is also our philosophy at De Koffiefabriek: something for everyone, in all openness. Because you may not want the same coffee every time. And not everyone likes the same coffee the best.

(See also Malcolm Gladwell – TED Talks, on: Choice, happiness and spaghetti sauce: about ‘embracing the diversity of human beings will find a sure way to true happiness!)