Tango Alegre | De Koffiefabriek on holiday


25 juli t/m 1 augustus - HOLIDAY with TANGO & FELDENKRAIS

A holiday week in the Loire valley with tango and additional Feldenkrais.

Our stay in Chateau Chalivoy-la-Noix is situated just above Bourgogne, a small castle in the midst of its big gardens, with spacious rooms, most of them with ensuite bathrooms, a grand style salon lighted up by chandeliers, we build you a dance floor outside.
The 3 ha park is big enough to find your private spot, enjoy the sun, fresh air and the quietness of surrounding French countryside, or to lie in the shade of its big old trees, dance under the stars where tango tunes melt together within sweet embraces.
One could call our tango “neo” in the sense of contemporary/up-to-date.
A dance which takes the space, is dynamic, with a lively and elastic embrace, in connection and individual. Principles which give colour, substance and meaning to the technicalities of steps and figures, but all originating in the classical tango style. Principles which, next to the strict form which gives tango its power and passion, look for the freedom and equality within the embrace that leads us to a whole new vocabulary, more fitting our modern society.

In this tango week, we will focus on connection, first with yourself, and with respect for the (dance) partner, the others, the environment, to express together this dialogue.

Astrid Maria Cerpentier and Bennie Bartels are your teachers of this tango week with a lot of attention for movement, expression and dialogue.
Do you wanna know more about them? Click here to read about their background cv’s and tango philosophy.
We offer:
  • two tango lessons a day in a small group
  • a Feldenkrais class in the morning
  • an extra class creativity and expression related to music within your own vocabulary
  • every evening there is dancing, with our excellent mix of a wide range of music
  • on Wednesday there is a free day. To have a breath and make your own arrangements
Adres van bestemming:

15 Chalivois-la-Noix
Château de Chalivoy-la-Noix
18350 Ourouer-les-Bourdelins

Linnen and towels for the week, cost 15 euro.
WiFi available.

To subscribe:

Send a mail 🙂  to vakanties@tangoalegre.be  Preferably before 1 of Mai as of the early bird. We then send you an application form.

The tango week including lessons, meals, snacks en stay (rooms for 2 or 3 persons) will cost you 640 euro.
Camping possibility in the gardens against 50 euro reduction.
Only holiday with tango (no classes) is also possible for 390 euro.
There is space for 18 dancers.
Whom for:
Our teaching focuses on those who wanna entertain and active tango holiday. The level goes from small to medium to very advanced.
Preferably meant to inscribe with a partner. If that is not possible you can inscribe and we will try to match you with someone of your level.
How to travel
By car: from Antwerpen 600 km.
If possible we help you find a lift if you don’t have one.
By train: we can come and pick you up and the nearest translation when you let us know on forehand.
By bus: Eurobus or Flixbus are cheap alternatives.