Tango classes

We are totally aware of it. We don’t do it like many others. We have our own, unique way to approach it. And we (therefor) love it (that way). Like we also – totally – love tango.

In our classes we use more than only watch-and-learn as a method, more than watch-and-we’ll-explain. We like to use a diversity of methods, approach it with several didactical tools, to give you the best possible (learning) experience.




You would like to dance the Tango Argentino and learn it in classes that focus on dancing, moving and creativity? Then you found the right school!

During the COMPACT COURSE Tango for Beginners, we teach you the basics of the tango in 3 weeks time, twice a week, 9 hours of classes in total.
AFTER THAT you can take weekly classes on Thursday or Sunday.

SEND US A MAIL with your questions, or to subscribe to: beginners@tangoalegre.be
We teach small groups of 10 couples max.

These classes are MEANT FOR: absolute beginners, starter-overs, everyone who like to change roles (leader /follower) or is into tango.

START & TRIAL class:
Wednesday 13/OCT at 19:30
WED 13-20-27 Oct, from 19:30 – 20:30
THU 14-21-28 Oct, from 19:30 – 21:30


The COMPACT COURSE  Tango for Beginners costs 100 euro per person for 9 hours. We give a 20% discount for students and -26 year olds.



You can continue taking classes on the Tango for Beginners Plus level, weekly on Wednesdays and/or twice a month on Sunday. We dedicate us to teach you then more about movement ánd about musicality!

SEND US A MAIL to subscribe to: beginnersplus@tangoalegre.be

We teach small groups of 10 couples max.

These classes are MEANT FOR: those who had at least +10 hours of tango class, and/or is familiar with the basic patterns of the Argentinian tango.

Wednesday  20/OCT at 19:30 or 
Sunday  17/OCT at 13:00

All dates:   click Agenda.


The WEEKLY CLASSES on Wednesday cost 120 euro for 10 classes (series until end of December).

Classes on SUNDAY are 20 euro for a 2-hour class (until end of December).

We give a 20% discount for students and -26 year olds.



In the MEDIUM ADVANCED tango classes, we propose you more tango moves, more technique, more musicality, always starting from a newly explored basis. Besides ‘making connection’, we give a lot of attention to (co-)creativity in the dance.


SEND A MAIL with your questions or to subscribe:mediumadvanced@tangoalegre.be
We can have 10 couples max.

These classes are MEANT FOR: all tango dancers +2-3 years, and everybody who likes to learn more about movement and technique in tango.


Wednesday 15/SEPT at 20:45
Wednesday 22/SEPT at 20:30
Weekly on Wednesdays, from 20:30 – 22:00


WEEKLY SERIES  totals 200 euro for 12 classes, or 100 euro for 6 classes (2nd half starts beginning of November).

ONE CLASS costs 20 euro per person. After 9 classes you will get 1 extra for free (strippenkaart).



In the Sunday classes called TANGO VARIATIONS, we offer more about technique, underlying and applicable in tango moves, allowing us to find more variations, always with a lot of focus on expressivity and musicality.

SEND A MAIL to subscribe to: tangovariaties@tangoalegre.be
We can have 10 couples max.

These classes are MEANT FOR: all tango dancers +6 months to 2-3 years, and everybody who likes to learn more about basic technique in tango. From Beginners Plus to Medium level.


Sunday 17/OCT at 13:00
2-weekly on Sundays, from  13:00 – 15:00

For the dates: click Agenda.

One SUNDAY class of 2 hours costs 20 euro pp.  per class.


You will find

the salons of De Koffiefabriek:
Minderbroedersrui 49
2000 Antwerpen

About the place, how to get there & where to park: click hier.

Your teachers?

Astrid Maria Cerpentier teaches tango classes and workshops with several dance partners, each with their own approach and qualities. To know more about them, their vision on tango and classes? Click on ABOUT US.

Cash or Card?

Weekly classes or the Compact Course belong together in a series.

You can take also 1 class or a strippenkaart.

Please bring your contribution in CASH to the first class, or transfer the money with your own bank-app.

How to subscribe?

SEND A MAIL with your name, telephone number and dance partner. We can have 10 couples max. in each class.

If you have other questions, feel free to mail us!

Stay posted about our dance activities, practica and workshops, and subscribe to our NEWS LETTER  (de) Moka Express.


You are responsible for yourself. You always were of course, and now you still are. And we like it that everybody can take his /her own responsibility, always with due respect for the others, and within the options we can choose.

To facilitate that, we limit the maximum number of dance couples in one class. For the classes, we have a well ventilated salon of 60 m2, an adjacent salon of 30 m2, a winter garden and terrace, all available to you.

We follow the color coding for education, the regulations for sportive events and/or culture. We ask you to always bring a mouth mask – and we will provide in desinfectants.

Please, mail us if you have further questions, or to subscribe in the classes.

Let us be friendly and respectful, give each other space and let’s meet again for this beautiful dance.

Love to meet you here!