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Weekend Special
Neotango Project
12-13-14 april

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Spirals, Circles, our Natural Form
za 13 april

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13-21 juli

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Tango & Feldenkrais
in kasteel in
3-10 augustus

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More Advanced
workshop over
wat JIJ wil leren
e.k. do 21 mrt

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les 2-wekelijks
op zondag
(ook losse les)
e.k. zon 24 mrt

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Friday's Tango
2nd & 4th

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Tango holiday Sweden

28th July till 4th August. With midsummer nights when the sun hardly sets, late dinners and tango milongas every evening. Three hours of quality dance lessons, in a small group, and optional Feldenkrais class, leaves you enough time to explore the environment, take a dive into one of the many lakes and let the stillness of the Swedish countryside empty your head, some 300 km above Stockholm.

We will stay in the typical red-wooden houses of the area, and there is enough space for camping as well. A rich and varied lunch will be served and every day fresh baked bread and pastries from our chef-cook Christine’s bakery Mellankvarn.

The group will be a mix of people from Belgium, Holland, Sweden and some other countries.

Astrid and Bennie give their tango lessons in this tango holiday with the accent and attention on movement quality, expression, play and dialogue. Focused and playful, disciplined and free, and always expressive.



A word of explanation

Can Tango feel good, have a groove, be danced from daily movement principles?? Yes, yes, they are the principles we work from, not only benefitting your dance but also your life and communication beyond.

Our lessons work with and towards a strong technical base, with a lot of individual attention. Our teaching always deals with how to physically apply steps and figures and how to make them speak and have quality. The embrace and equality in communication is - next to awareness - our focus, where musicality plays an important guide and communicator.


We offer you three hours of tango lessons a day, in a small group, an optional Feldenkrais zooming in on the basic movement principles of tango, there will be a beginners course for the locals (feel free to join or help out) and every evening we organise a Milonga in a different historical or cultural interesting place, with a touch of the rich traditional music of the area.

Wednesday will be off all day.

A tango week including all tango lessons, meals, snacks, milongas and extras will be € 480 pp. Housing will be an additional € 100 pp per week.
A Feldenkrais session in the morning, will be € 10 pp.


Arrival Saturday afternoon 28th of July till Saturday 4th of August.
If you feel like staying longer in the area and look for accommodation, contact us as we might be able to help.

Where do we go to:
Whoever wants to travel this far doesn’t want to stay exclusively in a tango reserve, but also swim, go boating, hike through the endless and quieting Swedish nature and get a taste of Hälsingland’s rich culture. We will give you ideas and suggestions.

The place where we teach and stay, Delsbo and Oppsjö are perfectly suited for this.

More info on this beautiful place, how to get there and also a few pictures, you can find here.

For whom:
The lessons are aimed for all those who are looking for some depth and dynamics in the tango and who wants to experience a tango holiday in an adventurous place.
Meant for couples: by preference subscribe with a dance partner.

To subscribe, is of course necessary. We have room for max. 20 dancers. In order to subscribe, send a mail to:, preferably before the 1st of May (in order to get the discount). We will send you an application form.


Looking forward to see you there!


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