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Weekend Specials: Feldenkrais

On a regular basis, Tango Alegre organizes Weekend Specials: Feldenkrais, an intensive afternoon filled with bodywork, using the Feldenkrais method. These workshops are a very valuable support, not only for tango, but for every form of movement and dance!

Why Weekend Specials: Feldenkrais with Tango Alegre?
With the Feldenkrais method you learn- from options and possibilities- to give your body and your mind more space, so you can develop your own full potential and strength. And who wouldn't want that?

Upcoming Weekend Special: Feldenkrais on:
Saturday 16th December


—Experiencing effortlessness—

Life itself operates, creates, moves from the circular. It's only afterwards, when we try to understand it, that we translate it in a linear way which is only seemingly so. An embrace is circular, learning is circular, movement is cicular, our behaviour is circular, our thinking, and also nature with its life and death. The circular

Springtime, summer, autumn, winter, those are our division of something inseparably circular. Arms, legs, head, brain, thinking, feeling, communicating are our division of something inseparably ONE.

During this Feldenkrais afternoon, you will become aware of the circular, experience it, realize it and physically do it and create it. The Feldenkrais method will let you embody very natural patterns, let them become your own and recognize these in yourself, so you can distinguish them in other actions like thinking, speaking, relating, living, grounding and also dancing.

Moshe Feldenkrais said: 'I am not interested in flexible bodies but in flexible minds.' Therein lies the strength of the Feldenkrais method: it allows you through the concrete to experience the abstract. You experience the world differently, see it differently and will look at it differently. What once were issues or problems, will simply disappear. What was always there but you never could see, will appear as something very natural.

Circles, Twisting en Spiraling, the experience of an ‘effortlessness’ you will never forget.

Bennie Bartels is your guide for this Weekend Special: Feldenkrais. Read more on Bennie Bartels, the Feldenkrais Method, workshops and weekends, on his website:

Practical information

Please bring a mat if you have one, or a big towel, and comfortable and warm clothing and socks.

11:30 - 12:00 welcome with thea and coffee
12:00 - 16:30 Circles: Twisting and Spiraling
we plan for 2 short breaks in between


Location: De Koffiefabriek
Minderbroedersrui 11
2000 Antwerpen

More information on how to get there, you can find here.

Financial contribution: € 45/40 p.p. for the afternoon.
To pay in cash upon arrival. If you want to have an introduction, you can subscribe to 1 part for € 15.

Food and drinks: if you want to get something to eat in between session, there are a lot of café's and small diners in the neighbourhood. Thea, coffee and water are included.

The workshop is ideal for (tango) dancers, and highlyrecommended for trainers, yoga and pilates teachers, sports people and enthusiasts.

You subscribe to this Weekend Special by sending a mail to, with your name, phone number + de date of the weekend special you want to join.


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